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New Mission T-34/85 Recover Civilians Has Been Submitted to Repository

Mortarman Deke

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This is a new T-34/85 mission set in the excellent T-72 training environment map that I have already re-used for the T-72 Capture Radar Outpost mission. In this mission your tank crew is tasked with supporting a light armored task force with safely recovering a group of civilians pinned down in some lowlands along a lightly contested portion of our frontlines.

This mission has been submitted to the Battlefront Repository for publishing in the T-72 Balkans On Fire section. It should be available for download within a couple business days.

The Cache File is: T34RecoverCivilians.ca

The Script File is: T34RecoCivi.pd

Mission Summary:

Recent aerial reconnaissance has revealed a small group of civilians trapped in lowlands along our frontlines near an enemy military camp. We think the civilians were residents of the living quarters west of an enemy artillery firebase, and were able to escape safely thus far.

Command has tasked your tank crew and modernized T-34/85 tank to help escort and provide overwatch for a light armored task force consisting of 2 modernized T-34/85 tanks, and an MTLB. Move with the armored task force to the map label T-34 Waypoint in the southeast corner of the map, and then turn north and provide direct firesupport as the allied T-34's and MTLB's move to the lowlands and pickup the civilians. Engage and destroy any armored forces that approach during this recovery. Then return to the T-34 Waypoint, and head west to the nearby helicopter landing pad to the west. Scout ahead of the armored force and engage and destroy any exposed artillery pieces positioned in the enemy firebase before the allied T-34's and MTLB approach. Be careful not to move to high ground as even the High Explosive Fragmentation shells from the artillery pieces are capable of rolling your tank over, not to mention the anti-tank shells.

Once the allied armored force reaches the heliport, they will drop off the civilians who will board a waiting Mi-8 helicopter, and get flown to safety. Expect additional armored forces to show up at this point. Once the civilians are dropped off, the 2 T-34's and the MTLB will begin to patrol the south half of the area, and after airlifting the civilians, the Mi-8 will return to provide air support.

Your primary objective is to safely recover the civilians from the battlefield, and get them flown to a remote location. Your secondary objective (and not required to achieve victory) is to destroy enemy forces in the area.

Enemy forces consist of 2 SU-100's, 5 M50 SuperShermans, 2 Sprut-B heavy anti-tank guns, and 2 infantry squads.

For more enjoyable game play, I recommend that you go into cfgmode.ca (configuration mode) and set your own tanks armor to 2.0, and set your own tank's ammo load to 2.0. Getting all the scripts and triggers set up to make this mission work was extremely challenging, but when playing this mission, it was totally worth the effort. I have a great time playing this mission, and I hope that you do too. Enjoy!

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