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Sorry, I just saw your post--I've had limited time and computer access since my recent move to Berlin.  What are you looking for in the campaigns--I description of each of the maps in a campaign?  I'm guessing that the maps in the campaigns are already included in the DB, although they are not identified as being part of a campaign.  

Please describe a little better what you're interested in, and I'll think about adding it...

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After a long delay, I've updated the CMRT Map DB to include recent maps as well as campaign maps--almost 90 more maps in all.  I've also replaced some of the dark, night scenario 3D images with daytime images.  Here is the new DB:

CMRT DB v2.3

(note that because of file size, to download you might need to right-click and select "Save link as...")

Here is the changelog with a list of new maps:

CMRT Map DB Changelog

This will probably be the last update for the DB in this format--the file is getting too big to work with easily (about 800 MB), so adding very many more maps might not be feasible. 

For more maps, in addition to the upcoming CMRT module (whenever that might be), I've converted many of the maps from CMFI and CMFB into CMRT maps (about 300 maps in all), and at some point I'd like to add all of them to the DB.  To do so, however, I think I might need to link to the image files in a directory rather than embed them in the DB file, which would take a lot of time...

Let me if you have comments or requests, or if I have not attributed authorship for any of the maps correctly.

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Also, has anyone had any luck converting CMBN maps to CMRT?  I could not get any of them to work; I thought the problem might have been maps with bocage, but after removing them I still could not get any of the other maps to convert.  CMBS maps also convert to CMRT, but I don't have the game so was only able to convert a few player-made maps that I found online.

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@kipanderson, great, glad you like it.  I'm going to try to get started on converting it to a linked format as described above, and add all of the maps I've converted from CMFI and CMFB! 

Will be a mammoth undertaking though, I think I've got about 150 distinct maps for each of those games...

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I've redone the CMRT database to use links to files in the same directory rather than importing image files into the DB  file itself--it should make the file easier to use as I add more maps.  Note that I've changed one thing in this version of the DB--now I am only listing unique maps, because there are too many maps at this point to reliably indicate which maps are alternative versions or submaps of another map.  

While I've tested it on a couple of computers here, before I spend more time adding more maps, I would like for a couple of you to test the file to make sure that the links work, etc.  You should be able to install the directory and files anywhere you want, the main thing is to keep the Excel DB file and all of the map images in the same directory.

Here is the file, note that it is a fairly large file, at about 650 MB:

CMRT Map Database v3

Could someone please test it, make sure that the map images open, etc. and then let me know here?  Then I'll start adding converted maps from CMFI and CMFB.

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