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CMSF needs an active screenshot thread


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Thanks to Kieme's new mods for CMSF, I fired up Zawiya Uprising campaign as I was on mission #5 when CMBN came out and took over my play time.

Well, Kieme's mods do a fabulous job making Zawiya Uprising terrain and buildings look the most realistic that I have seen. It really reminds me what most of those ME countries look like.

I am using a ton of mods in CMSF that give me mishmashed Syrian Assad Govt. vs mishmashed Uncon forces that look a lot like what we're seeing on TV. The mods even include black pick-ups with light and heavy MG's, Recoilless, and AA artillery; Arabic radio chatter (Mord's Allah's Army and a lot of others too etc.), beat up cars and taxis... There is a ton out there.

I really hope someone can do an ISIS flag and insignia mod and maybe some black outfits. It would be very easy to sim the current situation in Iraq and Syria. (The current scenarios and campaigns would work.)

Since ISIS has US equipment now, I wonder if it's possible to get uncon forces in Humvees etc? (Does the Iraqi Army have Humvees in the game? Or, can one change US uniforms to approximate uncon "uniforms"?)

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The Mobile Asslt pltn having extracted Joker 3 from their position in the cemetary moves toward Easy street and Joker 1


A team leader firing his personal weapon as an insurgent position is hit by the pltn's heavier weapons


The insurgents small arms are no match for the firepower the Asslt pltn can dish out



An insurgent suicide driver somehow escapes the immolation of his vehicle


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Love your AAR. Brings back happy memories of that scenario.

Am really enjoying playing CMSF myself again.

Yeah, every time I pick up a book on the war in Irag I fall back to this game and usually at some point this scenario. The desperation and chaos, ammo shortage, exhaustion of units - it all works so well to get some sense of things. Honestly I am looking more forward to CMSF2 than I am CMBS. Here's hoping they widen the scope of the game.

One of the things that makes CM work so well for me is there is so much reading material relevant to the game that makes you want to go back and try things out. CMBS won't really have that. Not that it will stop me from enjoying it, it is just I won't have those moments reading something and say, damn that would be a cool scenario...but then again who knows what things will look like in 3 years.

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"Honestly I am looking more forward to CMSF2 than I am CMBS."

It is a surprising statement... and now that I am rediscovering CMSF, I find myself agreeing with you.

When CMSF was the only CM2 title available, (after it had all its patches), designers had reached a pinnacle of skill. More than ever, I now appreciate the amazing mods, scenarios and especially the campaigns that were produced in the year or so before CMBN came out and took away the attention.

Just look at how few campaigns are now being made - esp for CMRT. I think we may reach a point where BFC has to consider charging for additional good quality campaigns to be designed.

I just wish we could overcome the "squeamish" actor, and have Israeli-Arab etc games. Playing the amazing "Zawiya Uprising" (Gaddafi in Libya), I think we may have the ability to mod other conflicts like ISIS vs Kurds, Iraq and Syrian factions.

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The Mobile asslt platoon continues to try and force a path down easy street


Meanwhile 2Lt Campbell and his men catch their breath, look to their wounded and redistribute ammo. You get a good view here on the extent of the warrens they still need to penetrate to rescue the other Marines of 2/4th. the tower in the distance is the approx position of the mobile platoon and beyond that Joker 3.


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