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New file at the Repository: AD CMRT Terrain Mod (2014-08-24)

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Here is a new terrain mod for CMRT. Sadly there are no new textures, all of these come from the base game. What I have done however is tweaked the color on most of the tiles in the game, to create a more harmonious color palette. The end result is something I find more aesthetically pleasing then the base game, and allows you to "blend" the different tiles together to create a more realistic representation of fields and such. Please let me know what you think on the Battlefront Forums! This is no different from what is on GAJ's website, just finally uploaded to the Repository.


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More vivid, less washed out colors. Stock texture size ie. less detail then Aris one. For me the winning point is the harmony of colors working together to produce genuinely lifelike situations. Now that's me, tastes vary of course.

It's easy to try it out and if you happen not to like it just stick with vanilla or any other texture mod. I personally will stick with this one for,some,time,to come (until/if a better one is made).

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AD terrain




ARIS terrain


Hmm for some reason I cropped the two screenshots differently but you get the idea.

AD looks lusher but since ARIS' textures are higher definition, it is maybe more detailed and crisper up close.

There are good textures in both packs really, I am probably going to make a mash-up.

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