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Iraqi Special Forces vs ISIS

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This is a longish vid offering quite the view of Iraqi Special Forces in action, mostly from armored Humvees, but with an MRAP thrown into the mix. The bulk of the vid is a kind of Thunder Run.The very front end of the vid shows an Iraqi Abrams and some armored Hummers before the vid goes into some street fighting, then the run. a fair number of the armored Hummers have open pickup bed rears, areas in which Iraqi SpecFor troops ensconce themselves and are quite busy shooting. The vid is mostly POV through the windshield of another Hummer. I found the way shots echo when shooting into unfinished office buildings, the way the dirt road lanes are divided by short, widely spaced low segments of the pre-formed concrete land barrier, and that the houses are all one story to be of interest. Would say it's a village, rather than an urban area. Happily, there are no heads lying about, or similar gore. A lot of shooting, and it neatly illustrates how little the soldier on the ground really can see.



John Kettler

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thanks for sharing. In these days of virtual reality, videogames, movies etc. we have a distorted yet never so true perception of war. These videos are a true showcase of reality, often very far from our lives, yet they let us better understand what's going on in a another, hot part of the world.

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