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The Sherman Compared

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The tank that won the war in the West. Mechnacially reliable. Easy to produce but not really respected.

Here are some comparison pictures that give an idea of what they were against. You not only get an idea of the size difference, but you can really see why many Sherman tankers would comment on German tanks with gun barrels as long as telephone poles....

Here is a Sherman compared to a Panther.



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Have a lot more as well as some Russian and British stuff, but don't want to hog all the space on BF's servers.

I don't think you can really get a sense of scale by looking at a computer screen. When I look at my tank models I really get a sense of just how inferior one must have felt when facing the German monsters.

On the other hand when I compare some of the early German stuff to the Russian stuff it feels like a Yugo vs a semi rig...

The T-34/85 however compares pretty well.

If anyone knows where I can get 1/32 scale SU-85's, SU-122/152 and T-34/76 I'm interested. Not easy to find...

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What grass mod are you using in those pictures? :P

Its called the TV Tray Grass Mod. I was going to delete the pics and re-post via photobucket, but I can't see the edit commands :confused:

I'll post more later as well as some Eastern Front stuff. The early German tanks compared to T-34's and KV1's is shocking. Easy to see why there was an armored tank arms race on the Eastern Front and why the American intelligence failure to comprehend what was going on and how it would relate to the Western Front in 44.

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Everything's available in 1/35th. ;)

Die cast T-34/76? I've found one that is around $100, but the ones that are painted in Soviet colors is sold out. There are only captured T-34 with a German cross left the last time I checked and no die cast SU/85/122/152 that I could find in 1/32-1/35

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Here are some comparison pics of the M-18 Hellcat. Fast like a sports car and armed with a high velocity 76mm with some silver bullets. Not much armor to speak of and probably not pleasant for some of the crew if airburst shells went off overhead.

I think most were assigned to tank destroyer units, which most considered a flawed concept.



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At the very end of the war we finally got the Pershing. Finally something that was comparable to the German behemoths. If you saw the classic movie "Battle of the Bulge" Pershings were the tanks used to represent the German Tigers. Guess there were not many spare Tigers floating around back then when the movie was made.


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