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Training Campaign Question

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Been away from CMSF for a while so I started with the training campaign as a re-familiarization. Encountered a situation in the second scenario I don't recall from before. This is the "call for arty/air" mission. When I hit the start button, as soon as the OPFOR becomes visible my two Strykers pop smoke and begin scurrying around like gerbils on acid, still popping smoke all the while. Needless to say this makes it difficult for my forward observer(s) to actually observe, let alone call for fire.:confused:

So my workaround is to dismount my FO teams and let them do their thing dismounted while the Strykers are still in full blown panic mode.

My second situation (same scenario) is that my morter fire (both 81s and 120s) is wildy,wildy off target, begining with the initial spotting round, yet here my FO is merrily calling in "fire for effect"!

Any comments/suggestions/advice is much appreciated.

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And to add a bit personal experience, i rarely use fire support vehicles, poking them over a ridge for a few minutes just seems asking for an ATGM... Get the FO ptrups in position, hide them and they can stay there forevah

also arty off target happens to me too, most cases the FO have marginal LOS to the target area. so need to relocate to a better spotting location. or that's what looked like to me at least..

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