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Multiplayer end of turn data transfer

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Hi everyone,

after many years of playing single player i finaly tried network (tcp/ip) multiplayer with a friend. I hosted the game with a public adress, he joined the game, as he has router and no public adress to join. We connected just fine, but GUI on his turn was a bit laggy. Worst of all, the data transfer at the end of turn took very long. It took about 15 sec at the end of my turn (which is yet acceptable, but about 2 minutes, when he finished his turn.) Both of us have fast broadband connection. I dont know how the game handle the end of turn synchronization, but since all actions all visible immediately to passive player, there shouldnt be so many data transfered to justify such time (even the whole savegame file is only about 1M large and it shouldnt take more then few seconds to send ... in fact, playing PBEM game would be faster then waiting for data trasnfer at the end of turn now, so i hope this is not normal behavior, and there is some problem, i just dont know where. Can you help us ?

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