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New file at the Repository: Rangers and engineers at Gela (2014-08-16)

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Italian AI vs Us human only. July 10, 1943, 0915 Local TimeThe landings at Gela went more or less unoppossed but a counter-attack is imminent. Two companies from the Italian Gruppo Mobile E, reinforced with a company of light tanks have been sighted north of Gela.You are in command of a company of US Rangers from the 1st Battalion and a company of combat engineers from I/39. An assortment of jeeps and halftracks are due to arrive within the first 15 minutes. An AT gun, commandeered by Col. Darby from the landing site will arrive in 5 minutes.Indirect fire support is provided by the USS Boise and on-map mortars (two tubes).


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Tried to load it and it didn't show in SCENARIO. Tried to open it in the editor and it does show or open-yet the name is in the SCENARIO file. FWIW.

I just installed it and everythings fine. Have you installed in the right directory? Its under "MY Computer/Documents/Battlefront/Combat Mission/Fortress Italy/Game Files/Scenarios.

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Thanks for getting back so quick. Yes it's in the right directory patched up to 112 with both modules. It's late tonight. Will investigate tomorrow. It is strange-I see the file in the SCENARIO editor-but nothing opens when I click on-and it doesn't show in battles.

Again-thanks for getting back.

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