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How does friendly/enemy condition & ammo works

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From memory, as I understand it, using enemy casualties as an example. Casualties relates to casualties suffered. So if 10 guys get killed out of a force of 100 guys, then 10% casualties have been suffered.

If the value of Enemy Casualties in the parameters menu had been set at '9' (ie 9%) and the number of VPs allocated to Enemy Casualties had been set at 10, then the friendly player would score 10 VPs because the Enemy Casualties parameter is a greater than value.

The 'condition' parameter is more complex because it draws in soft factors such as morale and the like.

As a scenario designer, I tend to stay away from parameters because they are too complex for me to get right for scenario balance. I find that the more you use, the harder it gets to balance the scenario.

That said, I almost always use either the 'Enemy Bonus' or 'Friendly Bonus' to guard against players hitting ceasefire early to trigger a win result.

The workaround for casualties is the use of unit 'Destroy' or 'Destroy All' objectives.

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