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Latest Fury trailer:

This upcoming flic could be the best thing that ever happened to Battlefront since Saving Private Ryan roughly coincided with the release of CMBO. Provided the do it right, natch.

With Brad Pitt and Matt Damon in the cast one suspects this will turn out to be a 'heroes on parade' production a la A Bridge too Far. Could be totally wrong, tho'.

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The news of Fury killed the script I and my writing partner had considered developing. The concept was noirish in tone- lots of murder, betrayal and twists. There's a Holocaust scene. Here's the opening to the- now deeased- treatment I had begun playing with:

The Masterpiece

New York City, 1995. A well-dressed man in his seventies, Louis, stands watching as workmen remove the furnishings from a once palatial office. A young man, Aaron, also in a suit, raps on the open door and walks in. They shake hands formally and make small talk. We learn Louis is selling his investment business. Aaron is the son of the new owner, a member of the city’s Jewish banking aristocracy.

Aaron notices a single painting, well secured behind glass, the last remaining object on the empty walls and expresses curiosity. Louis explained he acquired the work, a genuine- and priceless- Corveggio, many years ago and could never bring himself to part with it. Aaron, curious and clearly well educated, presses Louis for details. Louis recounts that he discovered the painting during the war in a destroyed church. He explains that as establishing the chain of ownership proved difficult selling it in the art market would be problematical. His success in business made the money superfluous anyway. But there’s more to the story….

Louis goes to the window, gazes thirty floors down on the busy streets of Manhatten. A reflective moment.

Anzio, 1944. Sounds of artillery, detonations, men yelling, screaming. Through the gaps of drifting smoke one glimpses the carcasses of tanks, many burning in the rugged Italian countryside. The hatch of a Sherman, still intact, flies open. Four men scramble out and flee from their stricken vehicle. They drop and hug the earth. They realize they’re missing Mario, the gunner. The Sherman takes another shell, flames sprout. A brave member of the crew runs to the doomed tank, about to explode, and pulls out the barely conscious gunner, tells him he’ll be okay. We close in on the face of the rescuer. It’s Louis, aged twenty-five.

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