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Has anybody had the "ground mist" effect?

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Right now I'm getting a weird imaging effect were it looks like wisps of ground mist are blowing across the screen. The ground is perfectly visible as these apparitions blow across them.

Ever watch the news and you can see the refresh rate on a computer monitor or wind moving across a wheat field. That is what this looks like. I have played with V-Sync and 3-D settings to no avail. It ran fine even after 3.0 upgrade and then blamo.

I am running on a laptop that I play Mech-Warrior On Line (very resource intensive) with no problems and all the bells and whistles on. I can run massive CMBN battles with no problems.


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The second time "clouds" was mentioned it clicked in my memory. I checked my Z folder and there it was.

Aris Scattered Clouds Mod. I remember trying it when I first started loading mods and didn't like the effect.

I also remember the cat walking on the key board when I was trying some different mods after installing 3.0.

Bigs (one of the six cats we have) is a little 4-toed bastage', he's the one that crashed my modeling program when I was 3/4's of the way done modeling a locomotive. Animation, physics, and model "poof", as it totally screwed up the program I was running. Just like kids, gotta love them, cause if you abuse them the neighbors call the law on you.

Thanks for all the help folks!


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