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CM:RT Windows + Mac Installer?

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Hi all,

I see that for CM:BN, BFC are releasing new installers that will include installers for both Windows and Mac in the same download. Does anyone know if this will ever be done for CM:RT? I purchased the Mac version but it plays only sub-optimally on my old mid-2010 Unibody Macbook, even with the 8GB of RAM I put in it recently. I do have a Windows desktop in the house but tend not to use it too much nowadays. If they released a Windows/Mac combined installer like for CM:BN I would be able to see how CM:RT plays on my Windows machine without having to buy the game again.

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AFAIK you need a license for each. I guess they bundled the installers because the amount of platform independent data is much bigger than the different binaries.

Well that's a pity if true. One of the things I like about Steam is that you buy the game once but can play it on either a Mac or Windows machine as long as you are logged into your Steam account on the machine you want to play it on. I know lots of people don't like Steam but this is a nice feature as it allows you to try the Mac version first and if it doesn't work well you still have the PC version to fall back on.

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RT is about 7Gb in total of which are 80M(!)b are binaries (if I'm not mistaken). So the overhead is just above 1% for a combined installer.

The question is more like why they didn't do that earlier?


and for folks with b/w constraints that is a lot. add in the additional modules as they flesh out the family.... That may be less and less a factor as time goes on, but I know folks who run into real issues with this.

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