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Anybody play War Thunder Ground Forces?

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I've completely fallen in love with this little gem :D

Sure, it's arcady but it's buckets of fun :)

And it has a simulation mode, which is alot less arcady but still far from what I'd call "simulator" :P

Here's a vid of my first battle in simulation mode:

Ps. sorry for the poor graphics, I have to have them turned almost to the lowest to even run the game above 30 fps.

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War Thunder and World of Tanks have been all the rage for free-to-play WW2 combat. As they appeal to a broad audience, less of an emphasis is placed on realistic simulation.

At the very least, War Thunder does factor the impact of shells on various components on the vehicle.

Bottom line however, is that the game IS buckets of fun, as you say.

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So ground forces is out? Or still in beta? Downloaded the update so I'll have to check it out tonight

It's in open beta.

I only play in simulation mode now tho since that's borderline "too arcadey" for me anyway :)

But it's oodles of fun on a good day and extremely frustrating on a bad day (like today... 6 matches, 6 losses... 4 of which I didn't even get a single kill in)

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But oh dear lord are the forums septic!

There are tons and tons of people completely (and I mean religiously) convinced that the game is russian biased and any bug found on a german tank is put there on purpose by the devs (and completely ignoring all bugs on russian tanks in that reasoning).

And then there are those who are convinced that an 85mm shouldn't be able to damage a tiger at anything above 100 meters from any angle...

The forums seriously need some grognards to show up and school them.

But I doubt anyone would put up with the armchair historians on those forums for long.

It doesn't help that the game is still in beta but people are treating it like it's the final release...

So things like an apparantly malfunctioning fuze setting on the 88 L/56 Pzgr 39 are making people say that ALL german guns are malfunctioning and whatnot...

Despite proof that russian tanks are also suffering from bugs...

It's a mess :(

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So, have the german guns' pen values re-calibrated to 0 degrees instead of 30 degrees yet?

Last I checked they haven't. And war thunder was supposed to be higher on the realism scale than world of tanks.

The bias will always be there. Wait for an American made MMO, the M26 pershing will be the king of "pwn".:mad:

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