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Which store purchase?

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Hey everyone,

Long time fan from the original European Theatre and have had lots of fun playing WW1 The Great War recently.

I am looking to buy Global Conflict but am a little unclear on which downloads I need to purchase. I definitely want the bigger map which seems to be included in the Democracy expansion.

So if I am going to purchase the Democracy/Communism bundle, do I need to just buy the original base game or do I need to buy the base game Gold bundle? I ask since it says that the D/C bundle includes all of the Gold expansion features.

Many thanks :)


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Hi Jonny

You'll need to buy the original Global Conflict game, and then it's up to you which/how many of the expansions you buy.

Assault on Democracy does give you the bigger map, and can as you say be bought as a bundle with Assault on Communism, while Gold gives you an improved version of the game using the original map, so the choice is yours! :)


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