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16th century warfare (Central Europe)- Any interesting games around?

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In modern wargaming, the codpiece is most shamefully underrepresented. At least to my knowledge, but perhaps I err.

So is there any good 16th century game around? I'd prefer something not too complex (John Tiller complex) maybe, depicting, e.g., Habsburg vs Valois, Swiss vs. Landsknecht, Huguenot vs. Papist, Dutch vs. Spanish, pike vs. shot vs. lance/pistol vs. artillery?

Could be grand strategic, strategic or tactical; could be board or computer. If you know a must-have book, I'd also be interested (I got Oman, Parker, Black already). Let's return the codpiece to where it belongs - the centre of attention of wargaming!

Thanks in advance.

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Thanks for the replies. agusto, the modern codpiece you refer to is indeed impressive in its size, but unfortunately it is part of a garb that tries to make its wearer look like dirt. Modern soldiers' dress simply is aesthetically unpleasing; some soldiers even have, after millions of years of evolution, made it their highest ambition to turn into plants. They are appropriately named after a little bird with an erratic flight pattern; in German, that bird even is proverbially known for its promiscuous behaviour.

Michael, the game you mentioned actually seems to be set in the 16th century, during the great religious wars and the Habsburg-Valois strife; I found it on Boardgame geek. So thanks again!

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