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Engineers blowing themselves up

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I'm on the second battle in the Courage and Fortitude campaign. I send engineers up to the bridge to blow the barbed wire and they end up blowing the hell out of themselves. Oh, at least they get the barbed wire!

How are you supposed to give a "blast" order? I figured the little pixle troops were smart enough to get out of the way of their charges but it seems there not. I replicated the issue by restarting the battle so I could get it on Fraps....however the file was way too big so I used my phone to film the video....so it's a video of a video lol


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***Minor Spoilers -- Courage and Fortitude***

Engineers can't blow themselves up with their own demo charges in the game -- units have an "immunity shield" to their own explosives.

However, if the demo charge detonation sets off additional explosives such as mines, the mine detonation can cause casualties to the Engineer unit. This is what you're seeing happen near the bridge in the second battle of C&F -- there are mines under that wire. The Engineers set a charge to blow the wire, and in the process accidentally set off the mines.


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By the number of posts, you may be knew to CM2.

So, some warning:

The second Courage and Fortitude battle (School of Hard Knocks, IIRC) is very, very, tough. As a practical matter, it may be for you unwinnable, or not worth trying to win.

I just don't want you to become discouraged with the entire series just from the experience of that one battle.

Search the Boards for that campaign, or that battle, for further info. I suspect this battle received more comments than about any other CM2 battle ever released.

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