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Military posters!

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Sites such as AllPosters and Zazzle have scads (1000s) of military posters covering a bunch of periods. Copies of prints, drawings, etchings, portraits, photos and more--many I'd never encountered before! Wartime propaganda posters from many countries, including Russia, are available. In great quantity and diversity. Have also discovered the wartime warning wasn't Loose Lips Sink ships, but Loose Lips MIGHT Sink Ships. Learn something new every day.


John Kettler

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Zazzle, as I understand it, is a company that sells user-designed apparel. It is a service that enables graphic artists to create designs for transfer onto T-shirts, mugs, posters and other items ordered by customers who browse Zazzle.com.

The artist (or most likely, hobbyist) independently sets up their own virtual store in Zazzle from which they sell their designs to be stenciled on various apparel and other gift items.

For an example, Artist A designs a logo that can be stenciled on a T-shirt. A customer orders a T-shirt with said design. Zazzle prints the T-shirt and delivers it to the customer; handling all of the logistics for designer A. Designer A gets his cut and naturally Zazzle get its share of the proceeds.

There are probably WW2 posters that have been created true to form while others may have been modified to taste for satirical purposes. The final output is up to individual designers, most of whom are just part time hobbyists that have a copy of Photoshop laying around as opposed to historians who have conducted meticulous research.

In other words, I wouldn't rely on Zazzle.com if historical accuracy were of utmost importance.

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