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"CMRT Blood on the tracks"

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My first scenario for CMRT is finished. It will be uploaded tomorrow. I had let you know about it in a "WIP Reds Attack Village" post (see the following link)


It takes place during Bagration on the 23rd of June 1944 near the town of Bobruisk. You will play it against the German A.I and you can also have your hand at a H2H battle with some slight adjustments.

The new introduction of the triggers is a feature that really allow the designer to do marvel. You will be judge of that. Here after some shots of the battle.






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@ all, Thanks for your interest,

If you want to think about a pending assault you will make shortly, here is Tac - map from the briefing illustrating some attack axis and showing your available forces.

Needless to say these are the ones that are a possibility after having looked closely at the ground features and thought (rightly, wrongly ?), how the German might have used them in defence.



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SnakeEye, I play hotseat frequently with a friend of mine (long evenings of beer, ww2 films and Combat Mission!) and I was wondering if you could, here or via pm, let me know what adjustments are needed to make this H2H friendly, or if there's already a H2H configured version that you could link me to?

Much appreciated! 

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Hi Artemis258,

I just had a glance at your inquiry. Give me a day or two and I shall figure out what would be best for a H2H. But I already think that you should enter the editor and on the German side remove all the AI plans. You can leave the reinforcement  as they are or modify their arrival as suited. You will have to provide the German side with some artillery. The one they have at the moment are AI.

To my feeling you can leave the positions of the Red and of the German the way they are, unless you feel differently. In that case, you will have to draw new setup positions for both sides in the editor.
In any case make a copy of the file with a new name in order to work on it.


Edited by snake_eye
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Great looking scenario!


For H2H, the AI plans for troop movement and artillery are ignored when players select the two player option.

So they can remain and the scenario file can be left largely intact. Perhaps consider adjusting FOs for the Axis side if needed.

Reminder, conduct edits on a copy of the original file.


Thanks again.



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