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Will we ever see the 'Human Wave' order making it's way to CMRT ?

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What would (or should) a Soviet human wave attack be in CMx3 that isn't already doable by the player with a mass amount of simultaneous quick orders? What would ypu want too see and how would it be implemented?

Probably the primary effect should be a modest increase in morale, in exchange for a loss of tactical flexibility. Once you've issued a Human Wave order, it should be very difficult to alter or reverse it.

It's well documented that if you can get a large group of animals (including humans) moving in a certain direction in unison, the constituent individuals become "braver" and are more likely to continue moving with the group regardless of risk to the individual. This is the fundamental group psychology effect that tactics like the "Human Wave", or the Japanese "Banzai" etc. try to leverage.

As to how to implement this in CMx2, I'm not really sure. Ideally, it should be a tactic that only works if you have a pretty large number of men doing it as a group -- at least a platoon, I'd say. Arguably it should only become really effective when executed with a Company or more.

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