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T-72 River Village has been submitted to the Repository

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This mission is set in the Ford mission map from the T-72 Balkans On Fire campaign. In this scenario your T-72 tank crew is tasked with preventing a nearby village from falling into enemy hands. The enemy force in this scenario is also equiped with T-72 tanks.

The cache file is: RiverVillage t72.ca

The script file is: RiverVill.pd

Intell reports that enemy forces have been massing armor and infantry forces to the north of the village located nearby the military outpost at which you are currently stationed. Enemy artillery has caused severe damage to the bridge linking the road to the village with your military outpost. It looks like the opposition is taking this opportunity to make a quick power grab and seize the village while the bridge is out. Enemy forces have recently succeeded in infiltrating some of our armor and motor pool facilities, and have managed to seize some T-72 tanks. We think these T-72 tanks will be used in this attack.

Allied forces in this mission consist of 3 T-72 tanks (including the player's tank), with an infantry squad in support, and about 2 additional infantry squads located in the allied village north of your military outpost.

Enemy forces consist of three elements. A group of 3 T-72 tanks supported by an infantry squad, a mechanized infantry force consisting of 2 T-72's, a Shturm-S, an MTLB, and an infantry squad, and a flight of 3 Mi-8's.

Your force will begin the mission in the vicinity of the military outpost. The engagement with enemy forces will be on the north side of the river that runs through the center of the mission map. The allied forces located nearby the military outpost will begin to move out toward the village as enemy mechanized forces are initially spotted by allied troops protecting the village. Your tank crew is tasked with supporting allied mechanized forces in the defense of the village. You are not in command of any allied forces, and you are free to accomplish your task from any approach or position you find advantageous. Once the initial armored advance is destroyed, anticipate a counter attack consisting of armored and aircraft resources.

This mission does have some close quarters tank engagements especially if you venture into the village during the fight. The game play is pretty cool looking, and it has been a nail-biter pretty much everytime I've played this mission while testing it out. I recommend that you set your tank's armor setting to 2.0 in the game's configuration mode (cfgmode.ca) prior to playing. I have had a great time playing this mission, and I hope that you will too.

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Thanks Dragonfire! Yeah, I try to have the helicopters stay at an altitude where they can't be easily picked off by RPG gunners or riflemen. So, it's also challenging to find and engage them with the 12.7mm machine gun. When you nail them though, it makes it that much more rewarding. Next time I think I may try to do something with one of the desert mission environments I downloaded a while ago. I'll see what I can come up with.

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