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Nearly finished with my 19th mission update

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I'm nearly finished with a mission set in the T-72 BOF Ford mission environment. This one is a T-72 force vs T-72 force scenario. In this one you are tasked with preventing a nearby town from falling into enemy hands. The allied force consists of 3 T-72 tanks - including yours, and about 2 infantry squads re-enforced with RPG gunners. The enemy force consists of three elements. The first group is made up of 3 T-72 tanks and an infantry squad, the second is 2 T-72 tanks, an MTLB, a Shturm-S, and an infantry squad, and the third element is a flight of 3 Mi-8's.

The battle takes place entirely on the far side of the river that runs through the map, and is full of close quarter tank engagements in and around the village grounds. I have to test this mission at least one more time before it will be ready for upload.

I have screenshots of gameplay from this mission posted on the fan page I set up for this game on Facebook. If you want to check them out search for T-72 Balkans On Fire once you log into FB. I'd post them here, but this forum doesn't seem to allow uploads.

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