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AD CMFI Terrain Mod

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Similar to my CMRT Terrain mod, recolors the majority of the CMFI tiles to create a better looking game. Includes tiles for spring, summer, autumn and cold terrain types. Does not touch any snow tiles.

Link: http://cmmods.greenasjade.net/mods/5322/details

I have done my best to ensure other terrain mods from other authors haven't snuck into mine, but if you find something you believe you have created in my mod, contact me and I will give you credit or remove the offending files at your request.

Screenshots include a tree mod that replaces the semi-translucent trees in the Spring time with better ones, it is not included and I can not find a link to it, maybe others know...

Summer (Sicily, Italy till September)




Autumn (October-November)



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textur name must be identical

1 unpack the original textures of the CMA (Mod Tools) - find the folder afghanistan / terrain / ground

2 Change the name of the new textures so that they are identical with those of the CMA (10 minutes work)

3 paste to a folder Z

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