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When will American animation grow up?

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It seems like lot of people think media like comic books, animated movies/shows, and video games are meant only for children. I think this attitude stifles creativity. I think there should be more comics and animated films/shows that cover mature topics. I think American animation is geared too much toward children's entertainment. Can't we have an animated show or movie cover a serious topic like war or politics? Comic books have already started covering serious subject matter. When will animation grow up? If comics could move past super heroes I don't see any reason why animation should be relegated to children's entertainment. Who wants to see animated movies/shows that cover adult subject matter? I know I do.

Perhaps this is the closest thing we will get to an animated war movie.




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Given the recent rash of super hero movies and tv shows, it seems to me that the tide is flowing in the other direction. It isn't just children—or even primarily children—who are fueling this trend, but so-called "adults" exercising infantile proclivities. And as long as there is a perceived demand for this kind of thing, the people who produce it will continue churning it out.

That said, the field is not entirely black. One does occasionally encounter animations dealing with adult topics in at least a semi-intelligent way. Take for example the recent Fox network show Cosmos, which uses animation to present historical topics and persons.


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