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Odd case of Panther damage?

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In a PBEM match I'm playing, I had a Panther take a frontal hit from a 57mm AT gun that was registered as a hit on the weapon ("Weapon" was all it said). The damage screen showed the 75mm main gun has having a big red X next to it but no other damage. However, when I plotted my orders for the next turn, I found I could give targeting orders for the main gun but could not give Target Light orders for the MGs, even though they are shown as being undamaged.

Is this some sort of bug or error? I have the save file if it helps.

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..with main gun offline 'target' means the tank will just shoot the MG and therefore 'target light' no longer exists

Yes, I've just had something similar happen to me in a game in Red Thunder and the MG does indeed fire for Target and Target Light is greyed out.

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"Target" means fire what you've got.

"Target Light" means fire everything except your big stuff.

If your big stuff is busted, missing, or was just never there, then "Target Light" is non-sensical. "Target" means fire what you've got, which is just your machineguns in this case.

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I dont know if I should be impressed or not impressed in that it has taken you this long to have that event happen to you in the game and have to learn how the game engine functions.

I recall learning it by watching my tank fire MG's at enemy tank until it was destroyed by them. That was a quick lession in understanding that a red X means what it said.

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