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John Kettler vs MG

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Having had an exceptionally productive day, and feeling an unusual level of mental clarity, I decided to essay what may well be my own bridge too far and embark upon my very first MG game: Facade Troop. F Troop! Can't say that bodes well. Hard to believe the WO would so much as entertain, let alone authorize, such a singularly unmilitary designation. Hard cheese, the saying goes, and the O Group handed down quite the ambitious mission, coupled with the usual rank optimism the intel types seem to be so full of. Before everything goes pear shaped.

"Take your one Troop, seize and hold a long list of objectives for an hour. There's a good lad. Off you go!"

(strains of music heard "Over the Hills and Far Away")

"King George commands and we obey

Over the hills and far away."

Not any bloody hills hereabouts, but the King still calls the shots. Orders and all that.


Following repositioning to the FUP, a general advance is ordered, in a direction generally NW. Objective: Seize South Bridge and deploy ATG to stop movement across same by AFVs. Vickers K jeeps and other means will see off smaller stuff. The left flank gets a bit carried away, with some moving in plain sight straight toward the first Objective. On the right, Clausewitz is in evidence, for Pinckney and his merry band of 2-Inch mortar men plainly flubbed the order and are now known to have not left the FUP. A rocket is headed his way.

Will this miracle untold months in the making continue? Will I manage another turn? Frankly, I'm thrilled I got this far--actually playing. Time and again, you see, my brain went into overwhelm simply looking at the battlefield or even the briefing. In any event, rather than agonizing over every little thing, I've taken a page from that British guy who plays CMx2 and CMx3 (reviewed RT) so fluidly and risen a bit above ground level. Unfortunately, we lack the very useful magnify feature from CMx1, so it's difficult to see much from up there. Rather like small ants which are accompanied by larger ants, in fact. Still, progress.


John Kettler

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...plays CMx2 and CMx3 (reviewed RT)...

Glad to hear you're getting to play a bit. A minor quibble: there's no CMx3 yet. RT is going to herald the introduction of version 3.x of CMBN (and version 2.n of FI) while being version 1 of CMRT.

None of which has any relationship to the version numbers of the other CMx2-engine games, CMSF and CMA.

I wish BFC would just bite the bullet and have a unified engine version number.

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