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High Quality Sound 2.0 SHOCK FORCE

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Waclaw, I had a chance to look at what you sent.

This "vehicle loop move medium track" file is interesting, and I'm not sure exactly what to say about it. So the flames first...

The flames individual tracks are all fine as is, and then when combined you do get some clipping throughout, but that track is textured in a way (percussive) so that I don't really hear it (I only see it). If you were to normalize the loudest track (1.wav) below zero db at least, then I would think you wouldn't be hitting the limit. Again, that said, that was just a good example file to look at and see what was going on, but I don't think it needs fixing because you don't hear the clipping in that texture.

The "vehicle loop move medium track" file is quite perplexing. I see that you literally just took those three files and mixed them. And when I listen to the engine track individually, I hear between about 1.7 seconds in through about 3 seconds in, during the roar of the engine, some distortion, but now that I hear it by itself, I have a few thoughts.

1. I think now that it's more of the extreme compression I'm hearing and not actual clipping. It sounds distorted, but what I can see about it is that the file is significantly compressed. Maybe that's the nature of the noise I hear.

2. I think it actually sounds good ("true" for the most part; obviously it's accurate because it's the real thing) except in a couple short regions like I mentioned above.

3. nothing can be done because it's in there inherently

4. I think the combination of those textures mislead my ears a bit during those more compressed bits, with the overall mix sounding clipped but it's not.

So in the end, without looking at other specific cases, I think I just wish the source files weren't compressed so much. You couldn't fix these by normalizing the engine lower by a few db and remixing, because it was already compressed and normalized below zero db to facilitate the mixing! :)

I have heard tanks (at shows, not on a battlefield), and of course they are loud, impressive, and huge sounding, but they don't sound compressed like that in open air. In this case, you couldn't have done a better job with the sources you have. So I think that considering this recorded format, I just need to shut up and enjoy the sound for what it is. There is no doubt you've done an excellent job with the files. Again, maybe some files could be fixed in the way that flames.wav could be (though flames.wav doesn't need to be), in a way that would help. But this medium track file that you sent can't be unless you change the source. And maybe the recording is fine and that's just how you record tank engines (I've never tried to record tanks) - with huge amounts of compression.

I'm more than happy to look at any other files, but now that I see what you're working with, you've only improved them with the excellent mixing with other textures (earth, tracks, wheels, etc.). Really nice work on those. Sorry if I misidentified what I was hearing, and thanks for sending those files to investigate.

Other files where I hear this same phenomenon at work:

"vehicle loop move abrams.wav"

"vehicle loop move wheeled heavy.wav"

"vehicle loop move bradley.wav"

"vehicle loop move challenger2.wav"

"vehicle loop move heavy track.wav

"vehicle loop move leo2.wav

"vehicle loop move warrior.wav"

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I sent you a PM

Sorry I didn't see the PM right away (just changed my User CP to email on PM). I sent a reply.


this is the last link - I made some amendments - added some penetration, improved traction for landrover, new dshk, whispering infantry removed and added a lot of radio chatter sounds for the American infantry

Thank you so much for this mammoth undertaking, waclaw! I really enjoy what HQS brings to the experience. And that you so kindly added the CMA content/compatibility as well is really appreciated.

Going to go download the final version now and sit down to savor a (slow and methodical) morning of Combat Mission with HQS. :)

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Haha thanks. I love your sounds, these and the WW2 ones.

Hey Vherid, why am I not surprised to see you here, in one of the true havens of quality PC combat simulation?

Couldn't agree more. I myself just stumbled on waclaw's HQS for CMBN etc. Good stuff.

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