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noob help please.

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I am new to wargaming,besides Warhammer 40k, and am having trouble with this game. Its very cool and I would like to learn how to actually win a battle with having 200% more units on my side :D

I was wondering if you could recommend some reading to get a better idea how to play the game. I can only find web sites that have missons to download!

I dont know the difference between a riflegranade and tiger tank! ( i think one has stipes) But I am willing to learn and really dig this game and would to really be able to enjoy it in its fullest! Thanks in advance

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And coming from your other gaming experience, one key piece of advice is:

Slow Down

This game requires a bit more of a cautious approach, where you orchestrate the movements of multiple units to support each other in the battle. You can't just charge in with everything and expect that to work.

Also, as you noted, it will be necessary to get at least a general feeling for how various units and things that you have at your disposal work. Fortunately, since the game is based on history there is a large (too large?) body of information.

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I think tar nailed it. This isn't your normal RTS. Clicking fast and hoping for the best isn't going too work(often anyway).

This is more like chess, a thinking game. I love the PBEM battles, so I can take my time, look at the board, plot my moves, all without boring my opponent to death!

I'm sure in combat commanders didn't get a half hour and 20 replays of the turn to make their decisions but this is just a game, right? I still get my butt kicked even with all my micro-managing but I love playing it this way.

So give it a chance, man. This game will kick you right in the a$$, it's so good!

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Yes, its a thinking man's Warhammer ! What I like about it most is the fact that even after all this time, that damn AI still thrashes me enough to make the game still addictive - the sign of a winner in my book !

Plan everything out once you've walked over the terrain, that's right take a walk around the battlefield at ground level first. It can pay dividends later. That bit of advice SLOW is true here alright.

You can also lose the battle at the purchase stage if your in "battle generator mode". Surf the net for a while and get familiar with your hardware. Learn what units do which job best. There is no shortage of this sort of info out there, print some out.

Don't panic !

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