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Guns target at the centre of the mass

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I noticed (and heard in some other threat) that "gunners" target the centre of the mass of the opponent vehicle. While this is alright when the vehicle can be likely penetrated anywhere or particular distance and inherent inaccuracy of AT guns cannot support other behaviour.

But then, on smaller maps often (or closer distances), opponents could be targetted more "smartly" by higher experience units. I mean either targeted smartly or act quickly to get out of the scene.

(this I believe I saw much often in old CMBO - nowdays 20mm halftrack keeps firing on the T-34 when it is on the edge of the slope and could just fire once and retreat, not to stand and die like a noob! It was a veteran unit.)

Smart fire can mean PZIV targetting lower hull of JS-2 (or retreat if possible). Of course, some shots will be short, but the overall change of inflicting decising damage is higher then by targeting a center of the mass and bounce everything.

Or 50mm AT gun targeting turret of T-34(76) instead of hull on reasonable distances.

Or AA guns can target trackes on shorter distances, trying to immobile enemy tanks and then even abandon their station and run away like hell when the enemy unit start targetting them. This could be random, more likely for higher experience units.

Is this difficult to code or was this "thinking" too rare in the real combat?


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I support that.

I did a test with a lot 20mm flak from all angles, 37mm flak and 37mm halftrack.

Quite funny was to observe that the 20mm always hit a specific wheel in the center ....very accurate ...it never changed aiming....and had an extreme low spread.

Because of this i think the about 30 (thirty) 20mm flak were not able to immobilse the IS-2 in Minutes.

On the other side the 37mm flak and Pak shooting like a shotgun .....they hit almost everthing of the tank.

In this case i was happy about the inaccuracy ...because it increased on these short distances the probability to hit a weak part/point.

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