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no idea, but company of heroes as noted in another thread is just another rts game that uses ww 2 figures. There is no tactical capability like you have in CM. If you are into that fine, but as a game it is not in the same genre as CM.

That is part the yin and yang of CM. They are not as well known because they define their own genre.

Sorta like the Grateful Dead - They weren't the best at what they did, they were the only ones that did what they did.

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Company of Heroes is a mass-market game for the RT wrist twitch crowd. Historical accuracy and simulation takes a big back seat to entertainment. with different graphics, COH could just as easily be a sci fi game.

The CM series is much more for WW2 grogs who really appreciate the attention to historical and RL accuracy. And AFAIK, BF is the only company still producing these kinds of specialized games/sims for our small hard core military sim enthusiast market.

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