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[VIDEO] Fun with flametrowers!

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Just did a little custom battle to try out my new flamethrower sound and I made this little video of it :)

Got some nice flamethrower action in there (including a flame burst riccochet off a wall!) together with some close-quarters PPSh41 slaughter and a nice gratuitous cannister shot on a single target :P

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Great video. I have yet to get to use my flamers. My inf get the job done too well on their own. At least now I can actually see it in action. :)

What is your sound mod? The screaming was very blood curdling.

Um... it's my soundmod... :/


some of the screams are from waclaws mod (included in my soundmod with permission) and some are from my own soundmod.

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Toasted a Tiger and it's hanger's on last PM in a desperate feint to allow my T-34 to get the right angle for the kill. It was an impressive Ivan ignition!

As Chris ND said when demoing CMRT flame weapons...... "I am a monster!" ;)

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I was away for two months and although I spent the last few days(!) downloading mods including yours Oddball, I have yet to install em. So, plz forgive me...

Oh all right, I'll forgive you :)

Just promise me that you won't settle for just one soundmod. Pick and mix from them all to make your own :D

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