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[WIP] Veins Germans/Americans

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OK, they all seem to be working with V3.

These are my uniforms. Usual caveat applies: there may be the odd bit or piece from someone else from the community still here or there.

PM me for the link(s) for:

German & US SNow CMFI (inf and germ para)

US CMFI (inf, trop inf, para)

German CMFI (inf, trop inf, LW, para)

May be a V2 after I've played it for a bit and noticed all the bits that offend mine eye.

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Rated 5 stars. One thing thats to bad, is the fact that Rangers only have unike uniforms, they share helmets with reg infantry. So I cant use Veins beautiful Rangers helmets without having everyone share those helmets. Will have to beg BFC to change this :D

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