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Too many difficulty levels?

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I play Real Time, which means that as I get bigger battles I dial down the difficulty, so I can better remain aware of what my overall situation is. Battalion+ size battles I play in Veteran, company+ in Warrior and platoon in Elite. The time constraint element is a real task multiplier for the mental work of remembering stuff and the icons and indicators are a real help. I think this is one of the areas where the game shines - it can become unplayable, so you dial down the difficulty and you're back in it.

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I only play in "Super Master Titanium Triple Ultimate Guru Grog Mode" level for ultimate realism ;)

You guys can play it too, but I warn you it involves an eye patch, a P-38, some prophylactics, and several bottles of Guinness :)

In all seriousness I like Veteran because of the convenience of it to just look at the UI rather than to have to move the camera to get pretty much the same info by observing the models. For real time it definitely is the best. Other than that I mix it up by playing s in the other modes modes too except basic, but when i do it usually is in Iron to see how my icons mod works much better with it. In a nut shell it's all good!

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LukeFF - That information could be easily included in the game and improve the player experience. Just because it is in the manual shouldn't mean it should be not in the game. And remember at this point most of us don't have nicely printed manuals nearby anymore. If I want to view the manual I need to alt-tab out of the game, go to the BFC website, find the manual link, load the PDF, then search through the PDF to find the info I want. Is it the worst? No, but it could definitely be better.

Except, of course, the manual is automatically installed along with the game, so there is no need to come here to the website to find the manual.

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Just for curiosity's sake, try doing that using the current views... You'll find, I think, that you won't be able to maneuver your troops where you want them to go because of the many and multifarious things that get in your way which would be no impediment at all to an actual team/squad/vehicle leader IRL. ...

You are quite right. I hadn't thought of that.

I modify my request to 'the eyes of all units that are in C2 to a HQ and the HQ itself'.

Hmm, then there are autonomous units like scouts or Panzerjäger or FOs. Oh my - I guess I have to retreat another step. :)

'A mode where you can only see from the positions of your units at level one and a birds eye view with out the ability to move the camera up or down.'

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I'm wandering, based on this forum, most of the players choose eaither Iron modeor the level below. Forum users are not a representative group of user, but given the realism of the simulation it makes kinda sense.

There are imho too many (two too many:) options. New player may think that more difficult mode may add some tricks like Tigers I with 150mm frontal armor or anything ;)

I'm sort of "Apple-thinking" guy. I believe that more is less (beside money). How about to leave only the most realistic Iron mode and then some beginner mode, but only one. It can be chosen in QBs, on some maps, but possibly not in all of them, or not in scenarios (except tutorials). BF can choose things that make it easier with new player, yet he will be pushed to realistic Iron mode (at that case Iron would be discouraging name. "Realistic" and "Beginner" modes should sound fine and not to scare anyone.). And they will be simple to grab even without reading a manual or more explanation!

Just my 2c.



You obviously haven't been computer gaming very long or you would know games need MORE difficulty levels if anything. So that each person can find their own challenge niche. Like Galactic Civilization II has like 13 difficulty levels and is one of the best sold, most challenging game of it's type. I wish more games were like it in choices of difficulty.

I for one am tired of the simple easy - normal - hard - impossible difficulties of games. There needs to be more "inbetween" those as those either pose not enough challenge or too much. Therefore I would propose 13 difficulty levels per games today.

The other thing is when a game says "impossible" I want it to be truely impossible to beat (not with some gimmick play or build like Civilization games where only playing against 1 computer opponent on the highest difficulty and on a small island and then grunt rushing it before it gets started is a victory over that level of difficulty. Make ai's to have overwhelming odds at the beginning of the game and the futherest away from the player on the map. Make it so a grunt rush would be a fool thing to do. Make it "impossible" so they will come to the forums and whine about it, not come here and brag how they beat it.

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You forgot to add that in this mode every time a pixel truppen meets his digital end you are shot by a airgun mounted just behind your chair for ultimate realism. Oh and you wear the same undercrackers for two weeks. Non stop. And don't wash.

And of course you don't get to sleep with your wife during the whole period.


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See this is why you guys should have lowered your standards and just married a crack ho. Then these kind of things wouldn't matter.

Which reminds me. Was in Beijing for work once. The local pimp (female) would hang out at the underground entrance to the hotel. It was a little mini mall and a brand new Brandy Ho's was opening there...she would literally be standing under a sign that said "Ho's". It gave me something to chuckle about every day returning to the hotel from the office.

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