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CMRT Alternate Silhouettes v1

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There's an explanation of the XC and the XW version, but I can't find the main difference.

There seems to be soem colour variation to it, but I have no clue what the XC and XW stands for and why I should pick one over the other...

The X* sets are based on presenting the armour and penetration values as numbers. X stands for XL, as in the spreadsheet, because I had to make a pretty complex spreadsheet to generate all the slope-effect armour values. C means "Coloured". "W" means "White". This refers to the colour of the text.

XC uses the CM1 colour codes for the numbers (red for paper-thin shading thru yellow to green to blue for mega-thick.)

XW is the RG-compatible member of the X* set, and all text is white or blue or yellow. However it is not just for colour blind people, but has been designed to hopefully maximise clarity. Thus the penetration numbers are colour coded for type of projectile (Yellow for AP, mid blue for HE, grey for tungsten, light purple for HEAT)

XW is my prefered option of the two X* sets, by the way. I find the colour clash of the XC set a bit too garish. Having said that, many people have told me they love it. So I offer both...

I'll update the readme for v2 to include some more detail.

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1 hour ago, Erwin said:

You have links for Marco's versions for the other games?

I had them for CMSF, CMA, CMBN, CMRT, CMFI but have been mixing and matching for use in CMFB and CMFI and got em contaminated so a few weapons are missing.  :(


Here is what I've found so far:


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Nothing for CMBS yet I suppose? How did Marco find the data he used for the Silhouettes?  And dang I wish that data was available during setup and the game. Even if they stop giving it to you at the harder levels. 

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Thanks Probus.  I haven't seen Marco make any posts here for a long time, so he may be out of the hobby.  He was out b4 CMBS arrived, so nothing similar is available.  I tried mix 'n match using his CMSF mod and one can get some to work in CMBS weapons graphics.  But, not all.



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I have no links - altho they would still be at CMMODS 3 if that is still up.  Have sent all mods ever produced including Marco's to Bootie for CMMODS IV.  But, that is taking a long time to get set up.  It is a huge job.  Am wondering if he's regretting it since CMMODS III was fine.

I found this via Google:


and finally: 

This is an open beta test for a CMSF vehicle and weapon silhouettes mod.

It covers all modules, and a lot of CMA.

To save reinventing the wheel, this mod is based on Scipio's most excellent coloured units and weapons mods. I have deliberately chosen to only include changed items, so you must install Scipio's mods first.

Scipio's Full Coloured Weapon Icons v1.30a

Scipio's Full Colour Unit v1.30b

Scipio has released these mods under a CreativeCommons By-Nc-Sa License, so this must apply to this mod as well.










Vehicles are available in coloured or red-green colourblind versions.

Weapons are available in Scipio compatible, yellow for wounded, range, and range+calibre versions - all in either coloured or red-green colourblind versions.


Test files are here:

vehicle silhouettes

weapon silhouettes


Note that these were created for CMSF1 and have found that while the silhouettes seem to match, some of the CMSF2 weapons may have new names as those slots are still the original "blank" image.

If you figure out how to rename the CMSF1 weapons silhouettes so that they all appear in CMSF2 that would be very useful.

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