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Quick battle AI prioritzes forests above every oter type of terrain. Bug?

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I've been trying to pick out a few QB battles to play and I've noticed that the AI appears to love forested tiles to the extent of avoiding objectives and buildings. After a few trials on village and town maps I thought that this might just be an issue with these maps with clustered buildings, however this applies to cities too. In the attached screenshot, you'll find that the battalion of Russian defending infantry has exactly zero formations inside buildings, they seem to prefer the little shrubs and even to open terrain.

That screen shot was made on the Attack setting, with Germany Attacking with a single spotter unit and a battalion of Russian infantry. The map is picked out by me, it is the second small city map on the list. The time and weather is set to random and rarity on none. Both sides had preview option on infantry only.


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sorry but there is nou bug, Ai place wery randomly in setup zone . some time ai fill upp hole buildin whit infantry.

Unfortunately I am not seeing this. I sent the bug report in with backup documents (QB Game save file) and BFC will sort it out. "Random setup" does not explain what I am seeing.

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In CMFI happens the same. I remember playing quick battles in cities and most of units were located outside the buildings.

I just did a quick test on this. The AI seems to be doing to same thing to a lesser extent. The AI did garrison about a platoon in some buildings however the vast majority was not. I don't recall this happening in CMFI in the eariler patches however.

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