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Monster Mash from Demo?

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Downloaded demo just to get Monster Mash scenario but it does not work in CMRT , are the demo and CMRT different builds?

Probably. It may be that the demo includes some fixes coming soon to the CMRT engine.

It may also be that they are intentionally kept incompatible to prevent people from doing what you just did in reverse.

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Well, it depends on what you do as the German player. I have only played against the AI so I have no idea what additional challenges a human opponent would present.

--->8--- Spoiler alert ---8<---

In the centre of the map near the German setup zone there is a slight depression in the ground. If the German commander puts a significant tank force there they can get hull down positions to cover much of the map - certainly the central portion. I have found that once in there the Soviets have a hard time connecting and the German gunners can engage at long range. Meanwhile the tree line on the German right offers a covered approach. Which means that if the Soviets try to rush the centre they will find hard to hit enemy in front of them and a surprise on their left flank.

Certainly a different attack path by the Soviets would lead to different results.

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**** SPOILERS ****

OK so it all depends on what each side does so yes if Soviets can get close enough then Germans will suffer.

But.... If Germans play to their strengths and do not have to get close to win then that favours the Germans IMO...

So look at VP locations.

Germans can bag the two mid ground touch objectives fairly easy without any losses if they do it right.

This then forces Soviets to launch an attack and if you position the Germans well you can fend those off at distance.

If the Germans lose less than 60% losses they get 100pts. While the Russian have to inflict over 50% on the Germans to get 100pts and they have to keep losses less than 25% to get the other 100pts...

So weighted to make Russians attack and unless you can breach the line and get in close the Soviets do not have accuracy for long range gun duels. So yes while Soviets out number Germans nearly 3 to 1 that only counts if you can get range down to less than 1KM or shorter.

Just my 2p and as with all scenarios it really does depend on what each side does. Not played vs AI but AI is I guess not coded to maximise the German advantage.

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Just curious - the Russians have near a 2-1 advantage, with quality armor. What advantages do you see for the Germans? (Just thinking that I am missing something).

AI isn't good at attacking. Go up the right flank to the treeline and you can get keyhole positions on the soviet left flank. Trees on the left also offer decent cover. Use tanks in the centre to get a few shots off then withdraw and redeploy.

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I did it the same way. I played as the Russians first and won, but was surprised when the 251/9's popped out by the left (German right) treeline and hit my IS2's with flanking fire. Well, when I played as the Germans I threw 3 Panthers down there with a platoon of PzGrenadiers. I kept two a little farther back (by the road), and placed another platoon in the trees at the center. On the left I sent the last platoon and the other platoon of PzG's. I managed to smother the Russians in a cross fire when they advanced, but I did suffer some freak long range losses to the 122mm gun of a single IS-2. I lost 3 Panthers, they lost everything. In an ironic side note, every single Russian kill was scored by a single IS-2. He got all three Panthers, one when he was immobilized.

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******************* Spoilers ************

Just finished the game as Russians vs Germans and did manage a victory but my oppo managed to lose all his infantry and in the end I walked to the touch zones and right in the last few minutes I managed to flank his forces and was on verge of taking his last two Panthers.

German player must really defeat the Soviets at range and even then can suffer if the Soviets manage to mass multiple tanks vs one Panther - which I was able to do.

The JS2 is a beast of a tank and despite numerous hits I was often able to re man tanks with 3 crew men and keep them moving. Good scenario, not sure how the Germans will take rear VP locations unless they can really defeat enough Soviet tanks to force a flank.

Side shots on Panthers are lethal.

As mentioned above I think the Germans need to aim for Victory by keeping the soviets away from the first two touch zones with a long range defence plan.

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AI isn't good at attacking. Go up the right flank to the treeline and you can get keyhole positions on the soviet left flank. Trees on the left also offer decent cover. Use tanks in the centre to get a few shots off then withdraw and redeploy.

That was my plan and achieved a minor tactical victory that felt like kissing my dog (I have no sisters). I was honestly surprised at how the Ruskies easily killed my keyholes. Adolph would not have been happy with my tactical victory.

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Just replaying this and I think I have got it wrong with long range duels the Panthers are getting toasted. Trying to find thread which had a link to what will penetrate what at various ranges.

At 1km plus the Panther can hit more frequent but does little damage to JS2 and at the same range all the JS2 has to do is land a hit and it has strength to wreck the Panther by killing crew / forcing bails etc...

I seem to have got the theory wrong on this scenario and as a German player it is a very tough nut. Not finished playing but will update as game goes along....

I did have a quick try vs AI and managed to win as Germans, but that is more down to AI doing silly things with Russian tanks which most humans would avoid...

Back to drawing board with theory on how to win this vs a human as the German player...


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Seriously back to drawing board for this as German player.

I think the key is to realise that as a German you are in fact handling the equivalent of a Sherman vs a Tiger.

The scenario is OK vs AI but against a decent human the Germans are toast unless they take a seriously defensive stance and try and play hide an seek with the Soviets at less than 1km range.

But one hit on the Panthers turret and you are gone, considering the amount of Soviet infantry and sheer number of tanks I would be tempted to keep this as a game vs the AI to learn about the heavy tanks.

The 1st Platoon German infantry are all out of command as they do not even have a leader. That is a bit poor and should really be corrected for a demo game? If you want to fend off the soviet horde try and find some open ground, but the you will get pummelled by the HE of the massed soviet tanks. So sit back and hide...

The German tank crews are of a low rating and the soviets have more tanks and better ratings.

A real tough game for the Germans if they think they can even try to take the objectives they will have to bide time and soak up the soviet attack first, trying to find good defensive positions.

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