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New file at the Repository: Escaping the Noose (2014-05-14)

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  • 3 months later...

So. After Nighttime Knockout I went to this. In ascending size.

But :eek:

First tried on the left. Advance in the wood. Identify enemy out of the wood. Set one squad, with LMG, to shoot and pin. All remaining dash for the next wood.


Me not them.

Men crossing in the open decimated. Fire also from opposite bank (but was not night and rain ? what ? full moon ? ah ok).

When I realized more reds placed near the exit. I just give up and rise the white flag.

Second tried in the middle, following the river.

Pulverized. Me again. Fire from both banks. No way. Surrendered.

Third tried on the right. Advance in the wood. Identify enemy up out of the wood. Set one squad, with LMG to shoot and pin. All remaining dash for the next wood. Pulverized. Again. Fire from the other bank also by the way.

Fourth. Go and punch them in the face. To the right and straight to them up.

Pulverized. THEM !!!!. And lost only one man. So who dares wins !!! Down on the back of the wood until the far end. Few shots from the reds near the exit and one casualty only. THE LEADER !!!!!! How Hitler suppose we win this war with this level of luck ?

But lets carry on. One LMG to shoot to the enemy and all the remaining running on the far end border towards the exit. Again meatgrinded (me obviously) on the last open space between wood and exit zone. One man only made it to the end.

But it is not said the last world. :cool:

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