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[RELEASED] Kieme's new modular building add on 4

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Hi all,

This time a stone building, light tone but with heavy weathering.

This is the very last of the surplus buildings I had leftover from previous mods, now I'd like to take a look at the old modular buildings mod and rework those 8 with the things I learned meanwhile, weathering and such.

Adds a new building texture among the 8 modular vanilla's, this is number 15, (numbers 9,10,11 are covered by my previous industrialization mod, number 12, 13, 14 by Add on 1, 2, 3).

New Windows, new door, normal maps included.

Please note that this mod does not change any building in game, it simply adds a new one that can be placed in new scenarios.

Download: http://cmmods.greenasjade.net/mods/5292/details




Pictures taken with max settings, shaders on, Aris terrain and horizons on.

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As usual...Looks very good !

One question/request...

If you have the time and if its at all possible to try and make a window-option with the windows more or less completally blow out (no glas)...?

On the maps with more or less rubbled buildings it looks a bit strange to have every single window intact eventhough the buildings are heavely damaged...If a shell land nearby...the first thing that would get destroyed would be the windows..no ?

An option like this would be GREAT i think...

Thanks for your work...

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I just tried your GAJ link above and it said

"The page you were looking for doesn't exist. You may have mistyped the address or the page may have moved."

I tried to find this "Modular building add-on part 4" download on GAJ and couldn't find it....just me or is anyone else having this same problem?

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