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Mission editor walk-through

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Hi there,

Apologies for not posting this in the maps and mods section - for some reason I was not able to.

Could anyone please point me in the direction of a mission/scenario editor guide that has a step-by-step tutorial of making basic maps and creating AI plans etc in order to make myself a very basic mission?

I have searched the forums for answers and trawled Youtube, as well as read through the downloadable manual but I am still stuck. I have downloaded just the CM BN demo so far and had a fiddle in the mission editor to try to create some basic missions for myself, but have struggled so far.

This was the feature I loved most for CMX1 as well as other games such as IL2 and the Arma series.

Would it be possible to create a basic mission in an hour in CMx2? I know of course making a new decent map would take much longer but I guess you can download other user-made maps and use them to make scenarios with?

Many thanks for your time.


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JonS put one together. Very through. Only thing it does not include is triggers. They are brand new in CMRT, but will be included in CMBN when the upgrade is available.


As to editing other scenarios, there are a host of things you can do. Swap out units and keep the AI plans. Keep the units and alter the AI plans, or even alter both. Basically there is little you can't do.

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For my money, the best way to get a basic mission would be to start with a QB map and (optionally) modify the terrain, assign some forces and hack together a slightly more optimised AI Plan for the forces you're actually plonking on the map. All the maps that come with the game are editable, and having a start point in the QB maps saves having to come up with the bones of the land. Edit: I believe JonS's guide covers the AI, and picking your forces is just like QBs only without the pesky points and rarity constraints :).

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