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Tank riders remain to long on tanks?

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i am curious what others think, in some scenarios that feature tank riders arriving as reinforcements and driving into battle, i find they remain to stubbornly on the tanks.

or is this accurate?

i can understand they are not easily sprayed off the tank by a remote machine gun and can take some casualties on the tank as they should remain on it to get to their destination, but at a certain point they should decide to bail i think. mostly this would be to their benefit as they get killed rapidly on the vehicle in this situations anyways, so bail cant be worse.

like seeing tank riders sit on a tank that gets pelted by several tanks and they dont even consider leaving their ride :)

also they are surprisingly accurate in shooting from the driving tank, i guess normaly you would hold on with 1 hand and shoot with the other? not sure how they did it, also turret movements are a problem and tank is shakeing, yet they make it work in the game.

any thoughts?

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