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[RELEASED] Kieme's new modular building add on 1

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Hi all,

generic concrete/plastered walls, should be useful for industrial areas or special structures, if used without windows, your ideas what to make with it.

Adds a new building texture from scratch among the 8 vanilla modular buildings, this is number 12, (numbers 9,10,11 are covered by my previous industrialization mod).

New door, new windows, all normal maps included.

Please note that this mod does not change any building in game, it simply adds a new one that can be placed in new scenarios.

Download: http://cmmods.greenasjade.net/mods/5284/details




Pictures taken with max settings, shaders on, Aris terrain and horizons on.


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You create a new scenario or load an existing one and change the modular building appearance in 3d preview, or, if you really like them, you have to rename each of the files changing the number in the name, for example:

you find:


rename all the files of that building, all of them, by changing the number:


Where X is a number between 1 and 8

But careful the above will replace one of 8 the standard buildings completely in all game's scenarios and campaigns.

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