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[RELEASED] Ploughed fields with no distortion

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Hi all,

An alternative texture for ploughed fields.

After some thoughts and searches I decided to make a small mod to change the ploughed field texture in order to avoid the skewed distortion at distance caused by the marked lines (which I really can't stand); this is the result, if anybody likes it, it's on cmmods: http://cmmods.greenasjade.net/mods/5276/details

The terrain texture is new and of a higher native resolution found on internet.

Screenshots to clarify.

Vanilla plow:


Modded plow:


Vanilla plow side:


Modded plow side:


I am not an expert in graphics, so I don't know what causes that distortion, but I really don't like it. I would enjoy the vanilla fields if it wasn't for that thing.

Note: screens taken at max settings, Aris terrain and horizon mod.

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I limit myself with the fewest mods which i think are necessary.

This one is one of these.

good point for finally solve this irritating visual problem.

tried in BN, works well despite not good color... if only i was able to change color to match the BN earth.

Many thanks

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