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[Released] Veins Germans RT

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Was asked to release so here they are. German inf tank crew armed inf gear helmets smocks Note: there are a few smocks based on someone else's excellent smock mod but as I hadn't planned to

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Which mods are using and where are you using them (which game)? In my latest Heer pack all caps are correct, and the same with the tot SS pack.

Depending what you have in your z folder there may be strange things happening. Delete the germans folder and redownload. There shouldn't be any Luftwaffe hat art there.

I swapped the peak caps all for the panzer peaked cap in my setup, not sure if I included the model files in the downloads.

Do you have files like this in the download? -


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I'm using the CMRT version (Veins RTGermans V2.brz) and I haven't found a german-peaked-hat-stiff.mdr as well as any SS uniform file in it...

Have you relesead a newer version (I mean... newer than Veins RT GErmans V2) ? If you did you wouldn't mind send it to me or point out where I can get it?

Best Regards...

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Okey dokey.

Someone asked if they could have my latest germs for RT but I had to empty my pms. So if you send me a pm again I have some links for you:


1. Updated germans for RT and CMBN - wholesale tweaks and updates.

2. Updated soviets - mostly mixing in more greenish browns to the infantry.

3. SS Totenkopf renamed for CMBN - as many of you were intending on doing it yourself.

4. Tagged Totenkopf for scenario makers - you can use them in any CM game. These are the same as the first post.

If you want any of them pm me with which link numbers you want e.g. 1, 3.

I'd advise you to look through the files before you delete the old ones as you may want to mix and match. E.g. the faces are more saturated now, the smocks more aged and faded, some of the helmets may have been dropped/replaced (like the tan & water field made helmet was swapped out for another splinter).

Please Vein, 1 & 2 link, thanks !

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