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YEEE HAAW Jester's Dead

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At last...after many long years, I have a new iMac that can play CM.

But because of the many threads on OS 10.9.2 I downloaded the CMBN demo and it runs FABULOUSLY!!

I mean it looks great...1 GB of video memory and a dedicated video card will do that no doubt.

SO, can I assume that if CMBN runs fine then CMSF and CMRT will too? There are no Mac demos for those games.

I am ready to buy all three ASAP and start playing again.....

OH, and BTW does CMSF for MAC include many of the user developed scenarios or will I have to copy my old scenarios I downloaded for my old PC version?

Thanks in advance and it's GREAT to be bahhhckkkk

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Congratulations grunt GI,

What are your iMac specs?

What OS?

10.9.1 loaded and ran most all the Mac CM games on my Mac Pro 2009 and on my Hackintosh. 10.9.1 had serious security faults.

It was Apple's 10.9.2 update back in February that was the problem for CM games on the Mac. 10.9.2 produced a fairly consistent load 36% then crash to desktop in moderate, large and almost all huge CMBN/CW/MG and CMFI/GL scenarios. CMSF Mac Bundle simply froze in most scenarios requiring a "force quit".

The public beta 10.9.3 helped some but not fixed by any means. When it loads it looks and plays great in my Hackintosh. Problem is many stock scenarios I could easily load and play in 10.9.1 are now unusable stock scenarios... crash at 36% loading.

Supposedly the final 10.9.3 update should be out this week so you may want to wait and see how this works for you.

I have held off purchasing CMRT till the final 10.9.3 update is out & a demo comes out.

CMSF Mac Bundle does not have all the user made scenarios / campaigns and there is a ton of game for CMSF Mac.

Hackintosh - 3.89GHz-i7-4770K-GTX 760 4GB-DELL U2713HM-2560 x 1440

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hmm thanks, since CMBN runs, I am going to assume CMSF runs...I guess my question was really CMRT...although it appears most of the issues were for MACBOOK PRO users with a dual video card thingy...I did get the new iMac with the NVIDA card and 1 GB of glorious VRAM...so, would LIKE to have a CMRT demo for MAC just to test things...but may hold off on buying CMRT.

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"But because of the many threads on OS 10.9.2 I downloaded the CMBN demo and it runs FABULOUSLY!!"

I do not know the size of the CMBN demo. If it is small to medium it should run fine on 10.9.2 What I am alerting you to is on Large to Huge scenarios 10.9.2 .Loading these files is not functional (on my Mac or my Hack) due to Apple faulty graphic drivers.

To clarify.....

My Mac Pro 2009 with stock “Apple Blessed” ATI 4870 512 MB and / or the PC (non-EFI) GTX 760 4GB both ran CMBN/CW/MG, CMGI/GL and CMSF Mac Bundle using OSX 10.9.1. Almost all the stock scenarios in all the games loaded fully. The same goes for the Hackintosh using OSX 10.9.1.

The security issues of OS X Mavericks v10.9.1 were serious enough for Apple to issue 10.9.2 .

Apple fixed their security holes and created a graphic driver malfunctions in 10.9.2. This is when many of the large to huge stock scenarios in all the games began to crash to desktop at a 36% load bar or freeze requiring force quit. Many of ... actually most.... of the CMSF Mac Bundle stock scenarios are completely unusable in 10.9.2. They worked before Apple's faulty graphic drivers were introduced in 10.9.2 but not anymore.

To be clear, 10.9.2 graphic drivers are not fully functional in loading CM Mac games.... on my Mac or my Hack.

*It is my opinion that this is an Apple created fault as CM games in 10.9.1 loaded almost all stock scenarios and they played well looked great *

10.9.3 public beta improved the loading of some larger scenarios but this graphics problem is not fixed. For example only 12/34 (35%) stock CMFI/GL Scenarios load fully and the rest (65% of the stock scenarios) crash at 36% loading! This was not the case in 10.9.1 but is the case with 10.9.2 and 10.9.3 public beta.

I can not comment on CMRT’s performance as I have not purchased the game yet. I hope to try a CMRT demo 1st.

When Apple (over 2 months + now) releases their final OS X 10.9.3, it will be basically a maintenance update focused on improving graphics drivers and audio, updating Safari and returning Contacts and Calendar syncing via USB.

Based on Apple’s “10.9.2 and 10.9.3 beta updates so far, I am not 100% confident their final 10.9.3 release will solve the CM Mac graphic drivers issues. I hope so. I am sure BFC hopes so. If an OS security update kills the graphic drivers so you can not use 2/3 of a game's content... well what is the point?

Stay tuned & Good Luck.

The Evil OS is looking better every day.

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Ahh, understand now..appreciate the more detailed feedback....wow that sux...I was really, really looking forward to CMSF without bootcamp and CMBN...

SO, guess I will hold off so I don't experience CM software block and stare longly at a pile of DVDs that won't play...

Argh....back to the XP shuffle.

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CM's games loaded and play just fine in 10.9.1 till Apple... rushed their security plug out in 10.9.2 and took a couple + months to kinda get around to 10.9.3 public beta and their graphic drivers still are not working for Large to Huge CM games ... the same stock scenario files that worked a couple + months before :confused:

It will get sorted out at some point. If Apple does not fix their screw up I am sure BFC will not leave the Mac folks with Apple's non functional drivers for long. Plenty of good games for Mac customers to purchase (existing CM Mac games) and CMRT, CMBS, CMSF v3.0, etc. without bootcamp.

BTW: Apple in their infinite business wisdom dropped Windows 7 Boot Camp Support in New Mac Pro:rolleyes:

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Well, having lived through the great QuickDraw Rave debacle of the OS 9 era, I hope BFC will not let apple muck things up again....

In the meantime, I guess I will reboot my old MacBook Pro into XP and fire up my PC copy of CMSF.

And even my ol copies of CMBO, CMBB and CMAK....yup bought them all in PC after apple screwed the pooch.


Cheers...I will keep checking into the forum.

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Working outside in country most of the last 2 days.

Made some time today to check 10.9.3 update on the 'stock' 2008 MBP ... some large to huge scenarios load past 36% now in CMFI, CMBN but not all .... not much improvement in CMSF Mac bundle large to huge scenarios.

On the EVO Hackintosh... 10.9.3 NO improvements for CMx2 and CMSF Mac bundle Maybe Apple is holding the full graphics improvements for 10.9.4

The frustrating part, aside from borking the CM playability of large to huge scenarios for 2.5 months, is their "update" even on a the 2008 stock MBP does not fix their graphics driver issues for CMx2... improves loading yes but when scenarios still crash at 36% it is still broken.

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Hi grunt GI

See this for full details.....


Good news! Sounds like you can pull the trigger and hit Purchase button :D

15” MacBook Pro Early 2008

Loads CMFI/GL, CMBN/CW/MG, and CMSF Mac Bundle scenarios. Not exhaustive testing but large to huge scenarios that crashed at 36% in 10.9.2 now load. One notable exception in CMSF is UK British Mettle still crashes at 36%.

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Glad to help grunt GI.

I just pulled the trigger on CMRT Mac. Simple and easy download only option.

Of course you know I am going for Super Size on the EVO Hackintosh... 10.9.3 and CMRT Mac loads "Gog and Magog" w/o a hitch! Loads fast. Looks great w/o mods.

CMRT has another winner. Now lusting for CMFI/CMBN CMBS & CMSF Engine 3.0 goodness.

BFC knows how to make some spectacular game products :D

I may also supplement my CM addiction by purchasing CM "Evil OS" versions :D

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