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My kingdom for a map editor ability

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Now that I'm trying in earnest to create a 2km x 6km map, the roads are driving me crazy.

Straight is fine.

45 degree are fine.

It looks like there is the capability to make a 22.5 degree road. I need a real bonafide highway, and its driving me crazy. Sure, 15 minutes ago I plotted a section of road like this, but dang if I can recall just which tiles at which orientation made it up.

What I would love to see would be a 'copy this tile' option, kind of like paint programs use when 'picking up' an existing color -- set my current selection to that specific thing - i.e., the proper road tile at the proper orientation.

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I agree, the copy and paste function, maybe in the form of a drawable shape (rectangle/square), would be great.

More than that the ability to save such copies as sub groups, comprising terrain Tiles, foliage, buildings, and even flavor objects would speed up map creations a lot.

You could design an entire farm, for example, then reproduce it in all your maps by clicking on an available list of your creations.

I belive there's a lot that could be done within the editor.

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