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All you grognards out there know this, of course. I wellcome you to point your collective finger at me, to laugh and scorn at my ignorance. wink.gif

Could someone please provide me with an easy overviewable table of the sizes of different units?

A german platoon was XXX men, an American brigade was YYY men, a Finnish army was ZZZ men and so forth.

I should of course know all this, but, alas, I don't. frown.gif

Please point me in the right direction.



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I didn't go look at the page that was pointed out, but here's a quickie:

(numbers vary on nationality, type of squad, and for WW2, year of the war)

squad: 6 to 15 men, or 1 vehicle

section: 2 squads

platoon: 2 to 5 squads (figure around 40 men)

company: 3 or 4 platoons usually (figure around 100 men)

battalion: 2 to 5 companies, but since different types of companies were involved, size estimate is odd

Up from there, it goes brigade/regiment, then division.

Hope that helps!


(first posting, but I've been lurking a few days)

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