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[RELEASED] Kieme's Hetzer Mod

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Hi all,

Download: http://cmmods.greenasjade.net/mods/5264/details

a very first attempt to vehicle modding through layers.

I am experimenting and such, so I decided to try modding my favourite tank destroyer, the hetzer. I have yet to figure out so many things, this mod does not convince me 100% but I decided to release it anyway. It's very dusty, might be Worth more than anything a [dusty] tag if you make a scenario that needs that condition.

Waiting for Aris' one I'll toss in this as a gap filler. Not sure if I'll mod other tanks, it's quite hard and I am already more than satisfied with all other mods!


-added many layers for scratches, dirt, mud.

-changed the original color scheme into a similar one, but with little mods to the green Patches shapes and removing their brown outline.

-changed saturation, brightness, sharpness, etc.

Vanilla Hetzer:


Modded Hetzer:



Any suggestion welcome as usual, especially with this vehicle mod.

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Hahaha when I opened the thread I could only see the vanilla picture and didn't read the text.

So I was sitting there thinking "but... isn't that how it looks normally? What did he change?" for quite a while :P

I'm really tired now, I should go to bed.

Great work tho!

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