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With all those beautiful "flavour objects" map making really has reached a new level. But, how on earth shall I now ever manage to finish a map? There's always another barrel to place, another doghouse to rotate and a few more bicycles to lean against a wall. Oh, and don't forget the dead cows. And the rubble. And the cabbage. And road signs. And...

Damn you.






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I'd like to join the chorus: All the new flavor objects are great additions for scenario designers. I'm especially happy that one of my pet wishes, bicycles, are finally in (though I suspect they might have been more frequent in western Europe than USSR at the time - but I guess they'll reach CMBN in the next upgrade).

Now all that is left om my wish list are train cars and perhaps a wee locomotive. All those beautiful stations we're able to make now look a bit empty without them :)

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Which gives me the idea: We should have a virtual CM Christmas card competition this year.

We'd create a dedicated thread where participants could post screenshots of their charming scenes by a deadline, then let the community vote (does this forum support polls?)

You can use games that have winter in them already, or a snow mod.

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