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Scenario Editor: How to have a destroyed PAK40?

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I thought I had done this before but maybe do not recall correctly.

I am working on a scenario that starts off with the action already in progress so to speak. At least on one part of the map. I have successfully added a destroyed tank and an immobilized tank. I have done that many times. We all have.

Trying to have a destroyed, abandoned PAK40. It is not working.

On the unit purchase screen in the scenario editor I tried destroyed and even dismounted. Nothing works. Went to deploy and checked the gun and thought I would have to dismount the crew first? Can't select dismount action.

Unless someone sees what I am doing wrong, my only thought is to set ammo to severe, cut crew down to 50% and just figure they will abandon the gun or go down quickly anyway on turn 1.

Thanks for any help.

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Had the same problem with an 88mm Flak in my CMBN scenario 'Three Patrol Action.' Not sure if anything has changed in CMRT.

Workaround I did was change the skill level to conscript, motivation to low and supply to scarce. The gun should have no shells and the crew will bail as soon as a bullet comes their way. Either way the gun isn't going to have an impact on the enemy.

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No, not a bug. You've never been able to have KO'd guns at-start. Ithikial has the best solution: 50% cas, scarce ammo, conscript, low morale, -2 leadership, unfit, no HQ, etc. Make them as useless as possible, and the gun will be KO'd soon enough.

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Only issue with the work around I described is the soldiers still provide some spotting capability from that spot until they break. Wasn't going to be an issue in the case where I used it since the engagement starts immediately directly following a close quarters ambush. However this workaround could be a problem if kohlenklau wants a more traditional 'approach the enemy first' type of battle. Useless guns are still going to provide good intel on the approach and disposition of opposing forces.

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It starts with a part of your trench system has been infested with communist vermin.

You are the commander of a small counter-attack force to eject the invaders and restore the line.

So far it is very exciting with short range action in the trenches.

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