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Terrain Movement Question

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I apologize if this has been asked already (I'm sure it has but I couldn't find it) but I want to know where I can see the names of the different terrain types (mud, swamp, etc) and the effect each has on unit movement and cover. I couldn't find that info in either of the two manuals. I feel like this was discussed in the earlier CM manuals but I don't see much info on terrain types in Red Thunder.

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Nope, there's nowhere. And that's deliberate. Most of the factors in the game are too complicated to just present a figure. Cover, for a trivial example, depends on the posture of the troops, and varies wildly dependent on elevation differences; it's also (sometimes) provided by terrain "on the LOF", and how would you present that in a manual/the UI? And Cover, of course, is different to Concealment, and even more dependent on the terrain between observer and subject than it is on the terrain the subject is in (there's so much more between than the 4m (on average) of the subject's location AS) . Movement is affected at the same time by vegetation and ground type and gradient, and different elements have different effects on Fatigue, which also affects speed. Sometimes.

Welcome to rich systems composed of many simple elements producing complex emergent effects.

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to simple see the names go into the editor, open a map and you can see all the terrain options/names.

There is also some logic you can assume.

Mud is gonna slow you down, tire your troops and bog your vehicles. Swamp pretty much the same, probably worse.

Heat can also impact your troops causing them to tire more quickly

According to the manual heavy rain can cause the terrain to increase potential for bogging over time. Haven't played an extended scenario in a downpour yet to see the effect.

cover and concealment is a whole other issue. A single AS can be impacted by several different items. You can have the tile itself ranging from dirt to heavy woods and then add trees, hedges and brush all in the same tile.

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